12 Mito see the world beautiful scenery!

Has been held for four consecutive Dronestagram UAV aerial competition more and more attention. They will not only select the characteristics of aerial photographs, but also the United States National Geographic magazine, these fine photos published. At the start of the 2017 UAV Aerobatics Competition, about 8 000 photographs from photographers from all over the world were received. Finally, in the Dronestagram and National Geographic magazine professional editor of the screening, selected 12 fine photos of these photos show some hidden secret, and some are around the daily life, the majority of bird’s eye view to show the human art, social As well as economic activities, interesting. Here, we will see what the winning entries are.

▲Natural group champion

Provence, summer trim


▲Natural group runner-up

Infinite Road to Transylvania

Calin Stan

Note: Transylvania’s Carpathia area is the legendary vampire count Elizabeth Bathory’s hometown, so this photo is also known as the “vampire perspective.”

Ice formation


Note: shooting in the northern part of Greenland, in extreme weather conditions, can take such a clear picture not only need good photography technology, but also need good luck.

▲Humanities champion

End of the line

Martin Sanchez



La Vijanera


Note: La Vijanera is a traditional Spanish festival that has a history of about two thousand years. Everyone wearing a mask, dressed as a folklore role on the street parade.

▲City group champion

Concrete Jungle


Dawn on Mercury Tower




Two Moo


Ugo le marin


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