British travel Raiders

Britain is a beautiful country, cultural relics abound, natural beauty, rich tourism resources. Many cities, such as “flowers of the city” London, “Northern Athens” Edinburgh, University City Oxford, Cambridge, Antique York City, Shakespeare Hometown Stratford, are the world famous tourist city. Britain also has dozens of national parks and scenic protected areas. At present, the United Nations included in the world cultural and natural heritage of the monuments and natural landscape there are 14 points in the Tower of London. Best travel time May – June the best, spring and summer weather is clear and drier, the year to the two months the best weather, long day, sunny days, very suitable for travel. traffic: British taxis are very spacious, the bus has a single and double, and has the world’s oldest subway. 1, the British vehicle to the left, with the domestic opposite. Cross the road to look at the right to see the left, to comply with traffic rules, to protect their own safety 2, the bus mark for the red circle plus a red bar, the subway logo and bus similar, but the bar on the write “UNDERGROUND” words. The same time as climate: Usually the maximum temperature does not exceed 32 ℃, the minimum temperature of not less than -10 ℃, the average temperature of January 4 ~ 7 ℃, July 13 ~ 17 ℃. Every year from February to March the most dry, October to January the most humid in January. Cuisine: The more well-known British dishes include: STEAK KIDNEY PIE, ENGLISH FISH CHIP, CHICKEN A LA KING. There are many restaurants or restaurants that launch game meals such as VENISON, HARE, PHEASANT, WILDSHEEP, and so on. Such as cooking. And the general cooking game, are used some juniper or berries and wine, this approach is to remove the smell of food itself smell of mutton. specialty: Scotch Scotland whiskey has a long history and is the most prestigious in the world. Scottish Highlands of special water quality and very strict brewing process, so that the whiskey produced here known as “liquid gold.” silverware British silverware is very gorgeous, excellent workmanship and complex, widely welcomed by tourists from all over the world, especially the silver Christmas tableware, in addition to a lot of beautiful varieties, from the candle to the knife and fork to the plate everything, this type of silver The production of the British is also the traditional handicrafts. Leather British leather products have a long history, from the capitalist budding workshop to the present mechanized large-scale production, through the refinement of the past and the formation of today’s style. British leather products always want to show a stable, refined gentleman temperament.

Teddy bear Teddy Bear (TeddyBear) has a rounded plump body and limbs, fluffy warm Angola wool, simple material and embroidery lines, simple and honest expressions, and 100 percent manual sewing and filling operations.

Major cities: London Eye

London eyes also called the Millennium of the wheel, located in the south bank of the Thames, is the British to celebrate the advent of 2000 and built. This giant ferris wheel up to 135 meters, was the world’s most, sitting above can overlook London.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace was built in 1703 to 1705, after many expansion, is now the Queen of England in London office and residence, the royal family’s administrative headquarters, is also the world’s few still use one of the Royal Palace. Buckingham Palace and the famous British congress building, the London Tower Bridge and the red double-decker bus, are the signs of London and the whole of England. The British Museum, also known as the British Museum, is located in the heart of London’s Russell Square, one of the world’s largest and most famous museums. There are more than 7 million pieces of artifacts and treasures from around the world, and the number and variety of collections are rare for museums around the world. Thames River Thames is the British mother river, a total length of 346 kilometers, runs through the United Kingdom London and more than 10 cities along the river. In the upper reaches of London, there are many places of interest on the Thames, such as Eaton, Oxford, Henry and Windsor, and in the heart of London, there are many famous buildings on both sides of the strait. Windsor Castle is one of the official residences of the Queen of England and the largest and oldest of the castles still living in the world. Like the Buckingham Palace in London and the Dutch Lutherland Palace in Edinburgh, Windsor Castle is also the Queen’s main administrative residence, often in official and private activities.

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