Qinghai Tourism Raiders

Qinghai Lake ■ Recommended reason: Qinghai Lake, also known as “measure cloth”, that is, Tibetan “blue sea” meaning, both China’s largest land and lake, is China’s largest salt lake. 7-8 months each year, is the most beautiful when the Qinghai Lake, thousands of acres of lily rafting blooming blooming, boundless expanse of blue and blue surrounded by golden bright yellow, alpine wild wild flowers colorful, like silk, countless cattle Sheep fat fat body Zhuang, dotted the meantime.

Tall Temple ■ Recommended reason: Tair Temple, also known as Taili Temple, because the first tower, then only the temple, hence the name of the temple. The temple is the birthplace of Tsongkhapa (1357-1419), the founder of the Tibetan Buddhism Gelug Sect (Huangjiao), and one of the six monasteries of the Chinese Buddhism Gelugu (Huangjiao). Butterflies, frescoes and heap embroidery known as the “Tart Temple art three absolutely”, the temple also treasures a lot of Buddhist books and history, literature, philosophy, medicine, legislation and other aspects of academic monographs.

Xining city

Chengdong District Travel Gold Business Card: Xining Dongguan Mosque ■ Recommended reason: Xining Dongguan Mosque is one of China’s Northwest Great Mosque. The temple is built magnificent, sitting west east, with our classical architecture and national style of architectural features, carved beams eaves, magnificent, spacious hall, tall, bright. The temple and the whole temple everywhere seem simple and elegant, solemn and solemn, rich Islamic characteristics, is a provincial cultural relics protection units.

City area travel gold business card: Nanshan Park ■ Recommended reason: Nanshan Park is located in the city south of Phoenix Mountain, 2419 meters above sea level. It is the green and green lush, fresh and humid in the summer season, and the birds are singing and singing, and the tourists can enjoy the fun of returning to nature.

City West travel gold business card: Pu Ning of the beads Recommended reason: Pu Ning beads also known as the plateau pearl, located in the southwest of Xining, Xining, Xining is a famous landmark, in the urban area will be able to see, very conspicuous. Here is a TV tower, you can also enter the panoramic view of Xining, in the revolving restaurant, every night, the tower lights flashing changes, the scenery intoxicating.

Chengbei District Travel Gold Business Card: Qinghai Tibetan Medicine Culture Museum ■ Recommended reason: Qinghai Tibetan medicine culture museum is the world’s only reflect the Tibetan culture of the comprehensive museum. According to the different exhibition content, the exhibition hall shows the rich and profound connotation of Chinese Tibetan medicine culture according to different display contents, through the environment reproduction, Tangka sculpture, cultural relic display, high-tech simulation and so on.

Chase County Tourism gold business card: Lao Ye Shan ■ Recommended reason: the beauty of the Lord Hill, mainly in the beautiful, shady flowers. Especially the spring and summer, the mountains and plains of the tall spruce, thriving birch, green poplar, delicate red willow, lush shrubs, lush, blotting out the sun, a school of green. Among the mountains, roses, peony, peony, lime plum, silver plum and all kinds of wild flowers, dotted the meantime, fragrant.

Haibei state tourism gold business card: gold and silver beach grassland ■ Recommended reason: Golden Silver Beach’s golden season, flowers in full bloom, birds flying, especially the lark birds singing, charming. Here is a piece of grass grassland.

Haixi tourism gold business card: tea card salt lake ■ Recommended reason: tea card Salt Lake is located in the west side of Qinghai Lake Wulan County tea town, from the Qinghai Lake area of ​​the dark horse town about 80 km, many tourists will visit here in Qinghai Lake tour. Tea salt Salt Lake is a 3000 salt field, the lake salt is very large, will naturally crystallize into a white lake, the sky, clouds and the other side of the mountain are reflected in the lake is very beautiful. Visitors can barefoot to the lake to watch and shoot their own reflection, like the sky environment. Scenic areas there are many salt carving can watch, you can also take a small train, to the depths of salt lake sightseeing.

Golmud City, the most tourist gold business card: Kunlun Mountain National Geological Park ■ Recommended reason: Kunlun Mountain Geological Park, located in Qinghai Province Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Golmud City. Park area of ​​1403 square kilometers. By the Nakata Terrace area, West Beach area, Jade Pool area, three different styles of scenic spots.

Delingha Travel Gold Business Card: alien site ■ Recommended reason: Delhi alien ruins, located southwest of the capital city of Delhi Chai Damu over 40 kilometers of white male mountain marked a UFO, which is the site of the legendary alien Delhi, China’s first “vicious circle “Jingxuan Qinghai Deling al-alien near the site, since ancient times,” wheat circle “phenomenon only appears in the Western countries, and now in China’s Qinghai province Delingha area there is a giant” desert cycle. “

Da Chai Dan Executive Committee Travel Gold Business Card: Da Chaidan Hot Springs Recommended reason: Dachaidan town is located in the northern part of the Qaidam Basin, the foot of the Qilian Mountains, Tai Chai Dan Lake, east of Delingha west of the cold lake, south of Golmud and Dulan County, north and the junction of Gansu Province. Dachaidan Hot Springs is located 10 kilometers north of the town of Dacheng Bazhan Mountain, with the formation of two hot springs conditions: heat and water.

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