Steak a Japanese favorite hot spring!

When it comes to bubbling hot springs, the first country to think of is Japan.Japan is known as the country of hot springs.In the geothermal resources of Japan, there are 2,600 hot springs and over 7,000 hot spring hotels from north to south.Abundant hot spring resources and perfect accommodation make it a popular leisure activity in Japan.If you come to the island in the winter, don’t forget to warm up in a comfortable hot spring.

How to choose hot spring?

After you have determined your destination, you have the biggest problem of soaking hot springs.
So many hot spring hotels, the price gap is so big, how to choose?

The first thing to see is whether the hotel is a fountain or a circulating filter spring.
The spring spring is the direct introduction of spring water into the hot spring pool.
In contrast, circulating filter springs are used to save water, repeatedly and repeatedly used water sources, and of course, the sterilization of the water will not be unclean.

Second, it depends on how far from the fountain.
When a hot spring pours out of the ground and is exposed to the air, it will destroy the water itself.
So the closer you get to the source of the hot spring, it means that the water is closer to its surface.
However, close to the source close to the hotel is more remote, the hotel transportation and supporting facilities far from the source are more convenient.
Just look at your own needs.

An outdoor hot spring pool that can see the scenery is also an important choice.

The biggest difference between a hot spring and a bath is the atmosphere.
In the open, while relaxing in the hot spring, enjoy the scenery.
In particular, if you look at Fuji or the sea, this is the most attractive place for Japanese hot springs, and there are not many hot springs in Japan, and natural prices will be high.

For friends who want to taste authentic Japanese food, it’s important to see if the food is delicious.

Stay in a hot spring hotel in Japan and pay attention to “one or two meals”, which means staying one night, having a dinner and breakfast.
One is that many hot spring hotel locations are remote, and there are no independent restaurants nearby.
The second is the standard of the hotel’s meal, which is also the key to assess the hotel’s quality. The fine stone materials, the high quality and the cow’s meal plan, is a big plus, so the price has been added.

Finally, you can choose a room with a private soup.

You’ve never been to a public bathhouse, and it’s awkward to be honest with strangers in Japan.
You can choose a room with an independent hot spring pool, and since this room is twice as large as your regular room, the price will be more expensive.
There are even rooms with no private soup, but there is another option to rent a private soup pool, charge by the hour, and make an appointment when check in.

With so much to say, where are the hot springs in Japan to be missed?
A couple of hot springs under Fuji

I love the Japanese hot springs, especially the open-air ones, enjoying the hot hot springs while enjoying the scenery.

And Mount Fuji, is every foreign tourists traveling to Japan want to personally witnessed a glimpse of the famous landscape, is also a tourist rating by the French authorities “Michelin guide” as three-star tourist destination tourist attractions.
Here you can choose some of the traditional Japanese hotels located in the foothill and estuarine lakes.

Now across Japan hot spring most are separate male and female soup soup, if is sweet lovers or couples, had better be in hot springs hotel, selected takes the room of the outdoor wind lu, so that is also relatively private, two side bubble hot spring, while enjoying the Mount Fuji, how romance is more romantic.

Hell hot spring
Beppu hot springs is located in the northeast of kyushu oita county, is the second, the volume of the world, the volume of Japan, the first of the famous hot springs, pouring amount can reach 130000 liters a day, after the United States in Yellowstone national park.
There are more than 3500 hot springs, geysers and jet holes in the area, so the government is called “spring capital”.
There are now 11 types of hot springs in the world, and there are 10 of them.

The most famous of these smoky cities is “hell”.
The steam generated by geothermal resources and the boiling water of boiling hot springs are easy to associate with the so-called “hell”.
In beppu hell attractions, perennial water temperature at 98 degrees “hell” is formed by spring water rich in sulfur, iron, shining in the sun glittering and translucent get rid of the blue coloured glaze, beautiful let a person can’t open the line of sight.

In addition, the “no eight soup” also has its own characteristics.
For example, the waterfront spa was once the concentration area of geisha pavilion, and the old traditional hotel has an old style.
The hot spring with alum ingredient in the spring is very effective for the chronic skin disease.
While shibaseki hot springs is located in the pleasant scenery of the quiet canyon, the spring water from mountains to already sweat out bolt, quiet atmosphere, in which you can enjoy reveling in the beauty of the side, feel the highest state of nature and humanity.

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