Thailand has a 30-story air-glass runway, and at one glance it’s dizzy

Lai fu is a prefecture of Thailand, belonging to the northeast region, about 520 kilometers away from Bangkok.
Its territory north of Laos, with the Mekong river and the river;
To the south of the provinces of kaokong and bidun wen;
The government of the eastern boundary corridor, the government and the government of the nongfu and the farmers;

West to pengshiloh.
To develop tourism, the government plans to build a breathtaking glass sky trail that is expected to be completed by 2018.
On November 15, li fu analog video released the glass sky trails, the trails will be built in the Mekong river glass sky qing kang county Phukokngew attractions nearby mountain, 80 meters high (about 30 storeys high, 100 meters long and 2 metres wide, standing on the trail can get a good view of the Mekong river scenery, overlooking the two rivers converge, in addition to watch the natural beauty, tourists can also pay.

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