In the early autumn of Russia encounter a fairy tale …

Go to Russia is not the reason
Whether it is a soft spot for the Soviet complex
Or the yearning for fighting races
Whether it is admiration for the imperial palace
Or the attachment to Russian literature, art …
To Russia will be attracted to this piece of land
Because the beauty here like a fairy tale

September October of Russia, full of yellow leaves fluttering is the most beautiful scenery of the Red Square, autumn withered here is interpreted as another kind of recovery, the Red Square has become a color of the world, enjoy Show your season.

Russia autumn temperatures around 10 degrees, the sun shines, it will not be too cold, this time just to travel. Autumn Russia does not have a large number of tourists, fountains, cruise ships are still open, to avoid the domestic crowd to see beautiful autumn, this is the autumn reward!

Here is a nostalgic color is a very strong country, in the red leaves under the decorating point, the Russian romantic style is more prominent, everywhere classical romantic wind ~

Unique Russian classical autumn

Standing in Moscow to the old square, looking at the Red Square south of a dubbed the “onion” dome of the church, people in the leisure time walk to experience the great Russian national history and past glory.

Red Square is the famous square in the heart of Moscow, is a witness to the history of Moscow, but also a symbol of Moscow.

▌ Vasily ascended to church, fairy tale temple gorgeous eye-catching

In the middle of the church is a large spire with a crown, surrounded by 8 with different colors and patterns of small dome, matched with nine golden onion head of the church top, unique style.

▌ Kremlin, the symbol of Russia

Kremlin Kremlin is located in the heart of Moscow, is a symbol of the Russian state, one of the world’s largest buildings, but also one of the world’s cultural heritage.

▌ nameless martyrs tomb, immortal

The nameless martyrs of Moscow is located in the Alexandria gardens outside the red walls of the Red Square on the northwest of the Kremlin. The tomb has a convex five-star torch, the five-star central flame, from the time of completion has been burned to the present, never extinguished, it symbolizes the spirit of the martyrs forever illuminate the world.

▌ one of the world’s four major museums

△ Winter Palace, formerly known as the Russian tsar palace, after the October Revolution into the St. Petersburg National Hermitage Church as part of the museum. Is one of the world’s four major museums, with the Louvre Museum in Paris, London’s British Museum, New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art par.

Ions Sphinx

The Sphinx was the Pharaohs of Amenhoter III, carved in Egypt in 1455 BC, and transported from the Nile to St. Petersburg in 1832. Located on the banks of the scenic Neva, here is the gathering place for visitors, you can also see the Russian hawker selling souvenirs at the river stall!

▌ Pavlovsk National Forest Park

Pavlovsk National Forest Park, the national forest park was the royal hunting ground, covers an area of ​​about 600 hectares, clever use of the natural terrain along the Slavican River, so that with the building complement each other. This is since 1803 began lasted more than 30 years before the architectural art landscape. Here the boulevard, many statues, pools, pavilions, rivers, bridges and other parks in every corner to achieve the perfect combination of nature and art.









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