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To play in Japan, in addition to drug store, department stores and a variety of tourist attractions, there is nothing to visit it?
In fact, there is a shop in Japan
– medieval shop
The presence of such a shop in Japan has formed a culture

Medieval meaning is “second-hand”, the medieval shop is the recycling and sale of second-hand goods store, the Japanese young people particularly like visiting the ancient shop, these stores are also popular some stars, Matou’s favorite.
“Medieval”, not only the concept of second-hand, but the real age and has not produced things, these things regardless of the use of fabric and details of the cut or even use is the epitome of that era, so there is a special value.
Ancient shop not only in the price to attract young people, a lot of goods is unique, if you have a pair of eye. It can often pick out some out of print, special style.

There are collections of goods. Where you can buy a large number of second-hand goods in recent years, or even buy the vintage package of the last century. So visiting the ancient shop in Japan is particularly popular.

Does the medieval shop have fake goods?
The Japanese pay attention to integrity, the law of selling fakes is very strict, and each medieval shop has a professional brand identification division, consignment system perfect, consignor to provide proof of identity and address, once the problem can be traced back to the owner. This from the supply to the sale of a complete system, to protect the quality of goods.


Why go to the ancient shop
Japan is the world’s luxury goods sold one of the fastest metamorphosis, “can find the most Hermes spot”, and the most complete LV, Japan’s luxury culture has been popular for many years. Key, some shop to take a passport can be tax refund!


Second-hand goods will not have a lot of flaws.
First of all, the feeling of second-hand goods is flawed, in fact, Japan’s medieval is not the same, and most of the fineness is very good, most of the eighty-nine into a new, some or new, and even the product tag is retained perfect. The equivalent of new products, you can take a new price half of the views of ancient goods.


Is there a bag in the middle shop?
In the ancient shop is not only selling brand-name bags, there are some clothing, shoes, earrings and the like, and there are electronic products, electronic products, mostly in the Auchi original area more concentrated.

If you are looking for a souvenir shop, please pay attention to the words “ancient” or “USED CLOTHING”. Some shops are open on the floor or underground, there will be signs on the ground instructions.

In addition to Vintage Qoo in Japan there are many well-known medieval shop, here we look at it, if you see these stores in the streets of Japan must not be missed.

Big black house

Big black house is Japan’s largest medieval shop, is a main variety of second-hand electrical shop. This one includes a variety of world big, almost chop hand family paradise, so not just Chanel, you can think of the big names can be found here.


In Japan, discount information on basic necessities can be found here. Large black house also offers a wide range of discount merchandise coupons, concerts, amusement park tickets, tickets, etc. ~

Rag Tag

Ragtag be in the high-end line, from the street tide to high-end big names have, men and women with shoes and hats accessories complete, and the clothes are relatively new situation. Although the second-hand shop, but Harajuku this two-storey store decoration fashion, as if a kind of tide shop posture, and spacious space is very comfortable shopping.


This is another chain of medieval shops, nearly 30 stores, almost all over Japan, head office in Nagoya.

Brand Off

Brand off has a lot of LV, head office in Ginza, Hermes and Fendi bag is also very complete. The store has a big screen, you can find the store and all branches of Japan’s goods, according to the new time or brand classification, super easy to Taobao!



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