As he travelled, he painted the whole of Europe with his mark.

Maxwell, Australian artists to use illustrations to record every a city down to the beauty of the city, hand-painted landmark buildings in the city, and to construct to belong to own travel “memory”.

Tilth’s hand-painted postcards, though they were painted with marks and pens, never felt stiff.The material is relaxed and soft in his drawing techniques.

Through his eyes, for those who leave their footprints in watercolor hand-painted way the size of the city, through the exquisite and sincere brush strokes, gently paint each city to bring the most unique and warm feelings.

Mark and watercolor can show a painting’s softness, but the difference is that it adds a lot of rigid texture to the brush.

The brush is clear and round, few lines are redundant, the painting style is very fresh.So it’s possible to try using watercolor and marker pens to paint a landscape of architectural landscapes that might have an unexpected and perfect effect.

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