15 things you regret most about your trip, how many have you experienced?

Recently, CNN summed up 15 of the most regrettable things about traveling
Come on, you’ve been through a few!

01 tan


In the travel, most of the time is outdoors, and sun protection is a must do good work, even in the winter, should remember to coat a layer of isolation, ultraviolet ray is everywhere.

Ultraviolet ray can make skin redness, start skin, even microbe swollen, regardless of male and female, good prevent bask in is very important, in this point, boy is the easiest to ignore.

Baggage claim is too much


During the trip, too much is the most basic common disease, although it can be kept in the hotel during the trip, but it can be very hard to go back and forth.
But in fact, these could have been prevented, cosmetics all safari suit, clothes with basic good, but in fact, the local can also buy some, local and exotic beauty clothing to set high pretend bility photographs.

No identification before march


I believe that many people have had such experience, forget to bring id card, passport, student id and so on, and the price that pays for this, often is also deep, lost money, more delayed the journey.
It’s not possible to be careless about this, not only miss the light, not going to the hotel, but you may not be able to go back to your country in a different place. The owner suggested that you should bring the original, and you’d better prepare a copy of the scan.

No deep swim


The national holiday is usually three days, which also contributes to a lot of flowing water tourism, such as the result, which is to make the circle of friends.
But this actually ignores the meaning of the trip itself, to experience, to feel, to experience, to be too rushed, not only to not only do these, but also to make oneself very tired.

Buy too many souvenirs


Buying souvenirs has become a habit for many people. It is more a way to share souvenirs with colleagues and friends, but buying too many souvenirs not only costs money, but also affects the quality of travel.
It’s like an unfinished task, reminding you of who has not, and that you should have a good time to feel, appreciate, and dive into a souvenir shop.

Eat roadside stalls in scenic spots


One of the great pleasures of tourism is to eat street food, but it’s not easy to eat food, especially roadside stalls, food freshness and hygiene.
In this case, the beautiful scenery is also unintentional to appreciate, even if not eat roadside stand, the owner also recommends carrying some medicine, lest appear in case of water and soil defy, can deal with.

The shoes are not comfortable


Foot pain and blisters on your feet are not hard to hear during the trip. Not only are they not playing well, they suffer as well, which is also a reminder of the importance of a good pair of shoes.
A lot of people think that wearing slippers and walking with no feet tied to their feet won’t squeeze their feet, but they tend to get down one day, the soles of the feet, and new shoes are worn as little as possible because they need to be polished.

All kinds of jars are not tightened


Toiletries, toiletries, can be said to be a must for travel, but if the cap is not tightened, it may be one of the most damaging things about travel.
The product is harder to deal with, so it’s something that must be checked repeatedly before going out.

Overplay the tourist attraction


For a strange place, many people will get used to playing with local attractions, but often you don’t see the scenery, but the sea of people.
How much we advocate of strategy is not to clock in, or the most famous one, but need not deliberately to follow, when you really in the road, and set to find suitable for their own travel guide, the most beautiful scenery is often inadvertently.

Do you see everything taking pictures


As a journey, the pictures of the jiugong in the circle of friends, of course, are a must, some people, even each statue, the American flower, the American dish will be one, as an experience.
After returning home, in addition to nine photos in the circle of friends, more photos have been sealed, but in fact, travel is through the eyes and heart to experience, the best record is memory.

Travel is a pleasant and pleasant thing
Even if there are regrets
I hope you don’t feel the same about it.



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